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How to Choose a Realtor to Buy A Home

It’s normal to initially think that by simply checking online sites or local realty books you’d easily find the right home at the right price, but buying and selling real estate is more complex than that. One basic rule of real estate is that every property is unique. Even two properties that are identical models and located on the same street are not exactly and precisely alike. In the same way, no two transactions are alike. Closing costs, inspection requirements, financing option and contract terms all differ like homes do. It really makes a lot of sense to work with the professionals (local REALTORS® who serve your community) who know the community when you think of the myriad of forms to fill, negotiation and pricing, marketing, inspections and financing. To ensure peace of mind and a home-buying success, get a REALTOR®. How Do You Choose a REALTOR®? There’s tough competition among realty brokerages so you are likely going to find a number of them in your community since REALTORS® must work really hard to succeed. One of the best places to find a local REALTOR® is at the extensive listing of properties and professionals at realtor.com. Suggestions from CPAs, financial planners, attorneys, and lenders, recommendations from neighbors, referrals from other REALTORS®, websites, local advertising and open houses are other sources. Recommendations from past clients and their experiences can be invaluable. It’s normal for a buyer to interview several REALTORS® before picking one he’ll work with. Through these interviews you get an opportunity to consider matters like their professional certifications, representation, experience and training. What to Expect From a REALTOR® It’s okay to establish a good business relationship the minute you select a REALTOR® to work with. There are REALTORS® who represent buyers and those who represent sellers and each one of them should be able to explain the options you have, describe his mode of operating with individuals, the ins and outs of your relationship with the agent (i.e. the complete agency disclosures as your state requires.) The REALTOR® should provide you with information that details negotiation issues, financing options, and current market conditions that may apply in your situation. Don’t forget that since a strategy that applies in a given situation may not be applicable in another and that since market conditions can change, REALTORS® may give you slightly different information that is updated. They’ll also keep you posted on each step in the process of transacting so this information shouldn’t be set in the stone.
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