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How to Choose A Realtor to Sell Your Home

As a home seller, hiring a listing agent will be essential to your experience. If you are serious and want to sell your home, you shouldn’t take this lightly because whoever you choose will be the one who’ll negotiate your transactions, market your property, establish a listing price and get your home prepared for sale. You may be tempted to hire your co-worker’s sister who has a real estate license or your friend – it’s common, but don’t forget these may people not be the best REALTORS® to represent your best interest – selling your home. You should take the time to interview different agents for whom you got recommendations before choosing your friend (who may eventually turn out to be the best agent for you). What to Look for in an Agent A realistic REALTOR® will better serve you than one who gives your home the most compliments or suggests the highest list price for your property, even though you will be tempted by these people. Communication is an essential requirement. Find a REALTOR® who knows your community or neighborhood very well and that you can easily communicate with. He should also have a great marketing plan to reach buyers who can buy your home but may not be interested in it. Many REALTORS® will be able to offer you advice on ways you can improve your homes appeal without spending much since they have experience at looking at homes. Ask the friends or neighbors you approach for their recommendations on an agent to tell you the level of advice and support the agent offered them throughout the entire process and the level of ease with which they reached them when they had any questions. Questions to Ask During the Interview The following are some questions you may want to ask your REALTOR®, though during his presentation he may answer some of your questions. REALTORS® usually have listings they provide the seller, most times in the seller’s home, so they get a chance to see their properties and their condition. You may want to ask: 1. If he belongs to the National Association of Realtors, NAR. REALTORS® are required to abide by the association’s code of ethics, while in addition, continuing education is a requirement for each state’s real estate license. 2. For the number of sales he completed the previous year. 3. The price range in which he sells most of his homes. 4. The average difference between the list price and the sales price. It is true that this may depend on the local market condition, but if a REALTOR® constantly sells homes below the list price, it’s either he may not be marketing the homes adequately or he is not advising the sellers to price their homes correctly. 5. Ask for his marketing plan to sell your home, where he’ll look for buyers and how many websites will have information about your home. 6. Ask for his advice concerning your home’s condition, if he has expertise as a home stager or whether he’ll recommend you hire a professional stager. 7. Ask for recommendations concerning moving companies or contractors. 8. The frequency of you hearing from him throughout the period your home is on the market. 9. You should find out if he’ll provide you with regular updates and feedback concerning potential buyers.
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